Fantasy Adventure Environment 1.1.2 unity3d asset unity幻想冒险环境模型 

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Fantasy Adventure Environment 1.1.2 unity3d asset 幻想冒险环境场景模型,Unity3d插件下载

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Fantasy Adventure Environment

Fantasy Adventure Environment

Compatible up to Unity 2017.3
NEW! Improved tree shading and wind
NEW! Willow trees
NEW! Two additional palm trees
NEW! Baking Substances to the terrain
An environment asset pack inspired by the current 3D adventure games and of old.
Stylized vegetation dots the landscape as your hero traverses the world in search of adventure!
This package focuses on providing artistically crafted environment assets. Powered by scripts, custom shaders and Substance materials to allow for artistic customization.
It is designed for mid-high end PC and Console platforms (PS4/Xbox One). The downloadable demo benchmark runs at an average of 93 FPS across +700 reports.
Mobile and Web platforms are not supported.
? Features: ?
? Custom shaders for trees and vegetation, to enable stylized rendering
? Beautiful wind animations on trees and vegetation
? Foliage bends away from the player
? Grass color blending with terrain
? LOD's and collision meshes for all assets that need it
? Tree billboard LODs, for increased performance in open landscapes
? Tailored example environment scene


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