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Super ScrollView for UGUI 2.2.3 unity3d asset Unity3d教程 unity论坛

Super ScrollView for UGUI系列索引:

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Super ScrollView for UGUI 2.2.2  下载链接

UGUI Super ScrollView

UGUI Super ScrollView

UGUI Super ScrollView gives easily-customizable ScrollView, based on UGUI ScrollRect. It is a set of C# scripts to help you create ScrollView that you need. It's very powerful and highly optimized for performance.

Android Demo Apk

- Chat Message List Demo
- Horizontal Gallery Demo
- Vertical Gallery Demo
- GridView Demo
- PageVew Demo
- TreeVew Demo
- TreeView With Sticky Head Demo
- Spin Date Picker
- Change Item Height Demo
- Pull Down To Refresh Demo
- Pull up To Load More Demo
- Click To Load More Demo
- Select And Delete Demo
- GridView Delete Item Demo
- Top To Bottom Demo
- Bottom To Top Demo
- Left To Right Demo
- Right To Left Demo
- Responsive GridView Demo
- TreeViewWithChildrenIndent Demo

- ListView and GridView and TreeView
- Infinite items
- Item in different sizes (height/width)
- Item with different prefab
- Items with unknown size at init time
- Vertical ScrollView (Top To Bottom, Bottom To Top)
- Horizontal ScrollView (Left To Right, Right To Left)
- Item padding
- Scroll to an specified item
- Scroll to an item with an offset
- Item count changed at runtime
- Item size (height/width) changed at runtime
- Item snapped to any position in viewport
- Item loop such as spinner
- Add/Delete items
- Delete All/Seletct All items
- Refresh and reload items
- Use pool to cache items and don't destroy items at runtime
- Recycle items efficiently
- Platform-independent
- UGUI support
- Unity platforms (IOS/Android/Mac/PC/Console/Winphone/WebGL...) support
- Demos, Document and full C# source code

Version 2.0 is a major changeset.
Version 2.0 is NOT compatible with Version 1.0.


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