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Android Native Goodies PRO 1.3.0 unity3d asset Unity论坛 iOS开发

Android Native Goodies PRO

Android Native Goodies PRO

Android Goodies is a collection of Android native methods that allow you to do different things like showing native dialogs, opening a certain location on the map sharing text and much more.

Download Demo APK

- Clean and flexible API
- No overriding of Unity default activity
- Every API method documented.
- Full source code included
- Well-written documentation

1) Show all alarms, set alarm with all properties or set timer
2) Open other apps by package, watch YouTube video in native app
3) Create calendar event with all required params or open calendar app on the provided date
4) Dial or directly call phone number, check if user has phone app.
5) Open maps location, address, check if user has maps app
6) Open any system settings screen
7) Native share text, text+image, video, tweet, email, send SMS etc, check if user has twitter, sms, email app installed.
8) Pick photo from gallery app, save picture to gallery.

=== Native UI ===
- Showing native alert dialogs with buttons/radiobuttons/checkboxes
- Showing date/time picker
- Show spinner/horizontal progress bar
- Showing local notifications with info provided. Requires android-support-v4.jar in Android/Plugins folder.
- Showing toasts and immersive mode methods.

=== Retrieving Info ===
- Various methods to get various info about device and apps (android.os.Build, android.os.Build.Version) and other
- Access to some android.os.Environment properties and methods
- Internet connectivity and wifi related methods
- Telephony related methods

=== Hardware ===
1) Get device battery charge level
- Enable and disable camera flashlight (as torch), check if device has flashlight
- Listen to GPS location changes with all the detailed GPS data, check if GPS enabled, get last known location.
- Check if device has vibrator, vibrate or vibrate pattern Other
- Method to save Unity Texture2D to Android gallery
- Manage and request Android Runtime Permissions


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