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Cross Platform Native Plugins - Ultra Pack

Cross Platform Native Plugins - Ultra Pack

Cross Platform Native Plugins a true cross platform tool for Unity which provides unique and unified way to access native functionality on mobile platforms.

Plugin supports mobile platforms iOS (v9.0 and above), Android (API 14 and above).

? Unified API design.
? Hassle-free installation.
? Simulates feature behaviour on Editor.
? Auto-generates Android Manifest file.
? Selective inclusion of feature files.
? Full source code is included.

Important links:
Official Thread | API Documentation | Forum | Tutorials | Lite Version | Upgrade Guide

Feature set:
? Address Book
? Billing (Apple store, Google Play Store) with Receipt Validation
? Cloud Services (iCloud, Saved Games)
? Game Services (Game Center, Google Play Services)
? Media Library (Images, Video, Youtube)
? Network Connectivity
? Notification System (Local and Push)
? Rate My App
? Sharing (FB, Twitter, Mail, Messaging, WhatsApp)
? Twitter SDK
? UI Dialogs (Alert, Prompt)
? WebView

? Plugin doesn't include Facebook SDK.
? On Android, plugin uses default Main Activity, thereby you won't face trouble using it along with other 3rd party plugins.
? In-app billing on Android uses Google In-App billing version 3.
? On Android, hardware flag needs to be enabled for playing video.
? Works with Unity Cloud Build.
? Simulation of Twitter and WebView features are not supported in Unity Editor.
? You can still target < 14 API on Android with minor adjustments.
? Package still works on Unity 4. If any issues contact us.

Supported 3rd Party Plugins:
? Simple IAP System
? Soomla Grow Analytics Service
? One Signal Notification Service
? Play Maker

We love to hear from you! Contact us, share your feedback, suggestions at Forum.


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