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插件名称:2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 2.3.6 插件官网:访问官网
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2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 2.3.6 unity3d asset Unity编辑器下载 Unity3d shader下载

2D Sprite FX

2D Sprite FX 2DxFX系列索引:

2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 1.6.0  下载链接
2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 1.7.0  下载链接
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2DxFX is an advanced 2D Sprite Tool. Create enhanced visual effect is very easy. Controls and manipulate your effect for 2D sprites.

Discuss with us about 2DxFX and more !
Add 2D enhanced effect To your Sprite Renderer

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- Add Advanced Lightning Support, finally !
- Add new effects with AL (Advanced Lightning).
- Fix Pixelisation glitch on 4 pixels FX, now work great !
- Fix Liquid FX
- Optimisation of many effects

- Add Flame FX
- Add Offset Animated


-Now more than 70 Sprites FX !
-Add Pixel Die FX

-Add Unity Canvas Support with Mask
-Add Distortion FX
-Add Distortion Additive FX
-Add Mystic Distortion FX
-Add Mystic Distortion Additive FX
-Add Frozen FX
- Add Unity Canvas UI Image Support
- Add Smoke FX
- Add Waterfall FX
- Work with the new Unity 5.3

- Add Shiny Light FX with many parameters!

- Add 2 new filters Jelly FX and Jelly Auto Move FX : Add motion to your Jelly FX by only moving your gameobject, that's simply amazing !

-Fix the warning messages on Unity 5.2
- Better compatibility V1.5.0
- Grass FX
- Simulate wind
- Grass Multiple FX
- Including a sprite example for the Grass FX

V1.4.8 :
- Water distortion FX Deluxe with background ( Better inverted reflection FX )
- Now more than 50 Sprites FX

- Add Fire FX with heat distortion
- Add Ice FX with heat distortion
- Add Lightning FX ! ( ex: for character energy power up or electric failure ! )
- Add Lightning Bolt FX ! ( ex: for Cloud lightning storm ! )

- Water distortion FX using background
- Add an exemple of the water distortion FX

- Sky Cloud Shadow FX ! ( with auto move / zoom and Edit )
- Add Turn to Blood FX
- Add Turn to Slim FX

- Add Liquid FX
- Add Liquidy FX (Turn to liquid)

-Add Color Change, select a color and remplace the current color by a specified color
-Now more than 60 FX

-Add Energy Bar effect with API support

-Add Amazing realistic fire effect
-Add Amazing realistic fire effect Additive

- Advanced Lightning
- More than 65 Advanced Sprite Effect.
- No code needed.
- View result directly in the editor.
- Draw Call Optimisation.
- Every effect have a fading option.
- Work with animation/animator.
- Combine with defaut sprite color renderer.
- Easy Sprite has been also designed for mobile devices.
- Some effect support Sprite Sheet (see the doc file for the compatibility list)
- Unity 5 compatible.

We will always update our asset with new effects.

All the 2DxFX effects are parametrable and optimised.
All the shaders are not compiled.


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