Drone Controller 2.9 unity3d asset 无人机控制器模型 Unity3d插件模型 

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插件名称:Drone Controller 2.9插件官网:访问官网
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Drone Controller 2.9 unity3d asset U3D插件模型,无人机控制器

Drone Controller 2.9

Drone Controller 2.9

Requires Unity 2017.3.0 or higher.

YouTube tutorials located here

Try before you purchase: Drone Controller
(if fails to load, try different browser)
Controls: W,S,A,D,I,J,K,L and for tricks use Q,E,U,O

This package contains PC/Mobile/Joystick controller with FOUR 3D drone models already setup!

Higly customisable:
*mobile support
*joystick support
*forward/backward speed
*sidewa speed
*slowdown air drag speed
*change hover up/down speeds
*change forward/backward force acceleration
*change sideward force acceleration
*rotation mulitplier
*tilt speed
*idle animation
*avoid vertical obsticle animation
*twerl to change direction animation
*collision sparks
*customize your own key input for joystick and keyboard *custom waypoint track (check tutorial)
*custom drone inspector with three profiles

Package contains:

-drone controller plugin
-demo scene
-waypoint and lap time system
-low poly drone model named "White".
Contains drone prefab and drone texture.
-low poly drone model named "Splinter".
Contains drone prefab, albedo texture, metallic texture, normal texture.
-low poly drone model named "Red".
Contains drone model and diffused texture.
-low poly drone named "Buzz".
Contains baseColor, NormalMap, Occclusion and SpecGloss.

*********PLEASE READ*********
You are getting the demo scene that is shown in the video tutorials.
To get access to the full code you will have to upgrade.
Link to the Modular Garage Asset
Drone Controller with FULL code access


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