Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern 1.1 unity3d asset 中东城镇U3D场景模型 

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Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern 1.1 unity3d asset 中东城镇场景模型- U3D插件模型

Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern 1.1

Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern 1.1


要求Unity 5.5.0 或更高版本。
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Build highly detailed middle eastern town alleys and streets with buildings and props with this highly modular package.
Create the town with pre-made walls and floors, the streets with terrain substances and scans.
Bring your scene to life with procedurally and realistically textured props.
Walls and floors can be easily placed using "Snap settings" or by Vertex Snapping. Ideal for first-person and Third person shooters.


- What is in the demo is in the package.
- 102 Unique modular prefabs and increasing.
- 161 Unique props and more to come.
- 25-50cm Grid spacing for realistic combinations of buildings.
- 15 deferent swappable materials for walls.
- Limitless variations with smart tint shaders (ex: Painted wood).
- 360 Sky.
- LookUp Table for color correction.
- Very Realistic foliage.
- Day and Night Example scenes included.
- Prefabs scene included.
- Continuous major updates with extra content.

To yield best results use Linear Color Space and Deferred Rendering Path.

Assets used: Post Processing Stack and Characters from the Standard Assets from the Unity Asset Store.


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