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Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor 1.38

Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor 1.38

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 4.5.4 or higher.
This Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor will allow your players to create levels in game. Allowing your gamer community to create levels will not only increase their satisfaction, but it will also save your time. You can also use this level editor to create levels yourself and save them. This way you can allow your players to download the levels from your server or mysql database, which will reduce your initial game file size.

- works in Unity 5
- no Unity Pro required
- multiplatform (tested on iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Store/Standalone, Web Player, WebGL)
- runtime (runs on device, does not need Unity Editor)
- supports both touch screen & mouse/keyboard
- terrain editor (uses Unity Terrain Engine)
- object editor (placement, transformation, coloring)
- object snap tools (to terrain/grid, object to object)
- streamed levels (instantiate visible objects only)
- undo/redo
- save/load levels
- level preview icon rendering
- easily moddable uGUI
- 3 demos (full level editor, FPS game with object editor and terrain editor)
- open code (no obfuscation, change the code as you want)
- independent modules (handles(move|rotate|scale), perspective gizmo, snap tools, level streaming, touch gestures, uGUI widgets, ...)

- Save/Load file picker

Links: Documentation | Demos | Forum

Games using the MRLE
- Mad Snowboarding
- RC Simulation 2.0
- Guts and Glory

This package includes all demos:
1. Full Level Editor (terrain+object) with example game
2. Dungeon Game with Object Editor
3. Pure Terrain Editor (edit the central terrain of a 9 patch terrain setup)


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