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Beat 'Em Up - Game Template 1.1 unity3d asset Unity论坛 Unity3d shader下载

Beat 'Em Up - Game Template 1.1

Beat 'Em Up - Game Template 1.1

Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
This package is a game template for 2D Sidescrolling Beat 'Em Up games like Double Dragon, Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

The graphics are designed to simulate a 80's style pixel art look. You can replace them with 3D models/animations if you prefer. The game uses mecanim for all the animations.

- Beat 'em up Enemy AI
- Player Kick and Punch Combo
- Throw-able objects like knives
- Enemy wave system
- Mobile, Keyboard and Joypad Input
- A (sidescrolling) camera system that progresses through the level based on completed enemy waves
- Parallax background and foreground elements
- Tools for editing game settings
- UI Flow
- Player and enemy health bar system
- Health Pickups
- Destroyable objects
- Simple Audio System


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