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Next-Gen Soft-Shadows

Next-Gen Soft-Shadows

Next generation soft shadows replacement for Unity built-in lights, featuring adaptive penumbra size and screen space raymatched shadows to skyrocket your scene quality to the next level!

The techniques
NGSS techniques unifies shadows across all Unity lights using a set of custom algorithms that produces random persistent stable kernels for all lights. It removes aliasing and banding on extremely tiny shadowmaps textures. It requires less sampling to smooth/AA out shadows while being faster than traditional brute-force algorithms. Plus, it works on any platforms where Unity support shadows.

Two variations at your disposal:
A custom NVIDIA PCSS & PCF filter. Both techniques automatically changes penumbra size based on distance between receiver/caster and light positions. Twekable using built-in Unity light properties.

Bonus: Screen space raymatched Shadows (Similar to Unreal Engine Contact Shadows). Works with Directional Shadows and add fine details to your scenes, helps with peter panning, light leaking and better self-shadowing.Been almost cheaply free (requires only screen depth buffer).

The package
Comes with few setup files and the installation is only 1-2 steps away. No need to do anything with your shaders or scripts, it will work with anything that uses Unity shadows. The shadow smoothness and type can be tweaked using Unity built-in lights properties.

Shadow Features:
- Contact Shadows (Screen Space Raymatched shadows)
- PCSS (area-like soft-shadows) and PCF (uniform soft-shadows) filtering for all lights
- VR support for all shadows
- Full Shadows on all platforms where Unity supports shadows
- Cascade Blending on Close and Stable Fit projections
- Inline sampling support. Avoids duplicating RenderTextures, uses built-in lights depthmaps
- Filter Quality Set: 16, 25, 32 and 64 samplers
- Fast Shadows. Using custom aggressive early bailing out algorithms. Soften shadows only in the penumbra area, skip fragments that are fully lit or fully occluded. Making NGSS one of the fastest real-time shadows solution on the market.

Supported platforms:
Not compatible with DX9 and GLES1/2!
Compatible with VR, DX11, DX12, PS4, XB1, SWITCH, GLES3.0, Metal, Vulkan or equivalent/new APIs/Platforms.
Requires a minimum of SM3.0 on supported APIs/platforms.

Supported Unity versions:
Unity 5.4 up to 2018 (Default Renderer).
Please email support if you need older versions than Unity 5.6.

- Stellar customer support. Custom inquiries and code modification for free. Most requests are answered almost instantly.
This shadow system works on any platform where Unity support dynamic shadows and is used by our current and future projects. It's an ongoing support process. You'll be getting updates and new features as we push them to our projects or any urgent hotfix requested by an user. Most of updates are weekly updates. Plus you'll have full source code access to our algorithms in case you need to extend it.
To forum support click here.
To email support click here


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