Advanced PlayerPrefs Window 1.9.8 unity3d asset unity编辑器 Unity教程 

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Advanced PlayerPrefs Window 1.9.8 unity3d asset unity编辑器 Unity教程

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Advanced PlayerPrefs Window

Advanced PlayerPrefs Window

Visualize and edit your PlayerPrefs right in the editor!

It reads all your PlayerPrefs and presents them in such a way you can create, change, delete and save them with one click. You no longer need to code to find out what the current state of your PlayerPrefs values are! You can also import and export your PlayerPrefs from and to a file so you can share them with others!

Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether you are in PlayMode or not. Run your game in the editor and watch the values update, you can modify them right then and there. Of course it works on both Mac, Windows and Linux!

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