Easy Outline 2.2 unity3d asset Unity官网 unitypackage插件 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[着色/阴影]
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Easy Outline 2.2 unity3d asset Unity官网 unitypackage插件



Requires Unity 5.3.2 or higher.
If you need to quickly add emphasis to objects in your scene this is the asset for you.

Whether you need it for an object selection interface, or just for highlighting an item of interest, Easy Outline has it sorted.

Simply add the OutlineSystem prefab into your scene then match the Layer option on the prefab to the layer of the object/s you want to be highlighted.

Many options to tweak outline to your need.

New in version 2.0, toggle between solid and gradient outlines!

Web Demo

Documentation can be found within the text document included in the Asset package.

Note: This package utilizes the Unity Default Effects Asset (MobileBlur.shader). It is included in this asset package although you can obtain it by simply downloading the Effects asset from the editor.

Dungeon scene by Hedgehog Team


B Color Smilies



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