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Easy Waypoints - Path System 2.0 unity3d asset unity论坛ios开发



Requires Unity 4.3.1 or higher.
Universal and powerful waypoint system allows you to create waypoints and path easily and even in run-time. You can use it for any situations where path/waypoints following is needed:
-        Moving platforms and other animated objects
-        AI movement and patrolling behavior
-        Basic obstacle avoidance, etc.

The system supports:
-        Dynamic path changing (+moving waypoints)
-        Paths intersecting and common waypoints
-        Different looping types
-        Different facing/movement types
-        Animations and delays
-        Any actions/functions triggering!
-        Dynamic speed changing
-        Dynamic preventing of collision (with moving obstacles etc).
-        etc...

This system works on all platforms.


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