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Blackjack Pro! - Playmaker 2.1 unity3d asset unity3d shader下载 ios开发

Requires Unity 5.3.6 or higher.
Supports Unity 2017!

*Must Own Playmaker
(Playmaker is a 3rd party addon sold by Hutong Games)

Try your luck and test your blackjack mastery! This classic gambling card game includes tons of options and support for most side rules. Get started quickly with your own fully featured blackjack game.


NEW! - Now uses modern Unity UI for all elements including cards.
NEW! - Full lighting and shadow support.
NEW! - Easily choose between 2D or 3D.

1- Standard “Soft 18” / “Hard 17” Dealer AI (Customizable)
2- Shuffle every hand or at intervals
3- Use single or multiple card decks
4- Five card draw limit
5- Standard Rules:
- Natural Win
- Win
- Push
- Lose
6- Side Rules:
- Double Down
- Insurance
- Surrender
- Split
7- Easily customize chip values
8- Intelligent betting system
9- Card placement helper
10- Makes extensive use of Array Maker
11- Sound effects included
12- Card art included
13- Touch controls built in
14- Mobile and WebGL ready
15- Less than 7 drawcalls!

Interactive Demo (Also included in project.)

Be sure to check out our other high quality Playmaker kits!

This kit also comes bundled as part of the Playmaker Essentials Pack, a complete collection of our most popular Playmaker game templates!

*It is the customer's sole responsibility to own Playmaker, no refunds will be issued for failure to own the third party asset.


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