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CScape City System 0.9.5 beta unity3d asset unity3d官网,城市系统

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CScape City System beta  下载链接

CScape City System

CScape City System

*CScape is in beta and is still in-development. It gets constantly improoved.
CScape is a Ultra Optimized powerful Cityscape generator that is able to create thousands of unique buildings.
Main strenght of this plugin is that it uses serious drawcall optimizations for extreme performance and sets new frontiers for realistic and performant rendering of massive worlds.
This magic is done by using few one-pass shaders/materials for a whole city landscape. This resultts in a extremely optimized performance while using Static/Dynamic Batching or Occlusion Culling. (approx 60-160 drawcalls for a city that covers a surface of 10 km2
LOD fading for building details
CScape consists of:
-advanced customized PBR shader with POM mapping helps reducing number of polygons, while maintaining details.
-system for using simple building lo-poly template meshes, that can be customized in unity editor.
-support for day-night cycling (animated in-house lights and building illumination)
-City generator
-Al buildings use a sort of fake parallax interiours, so that it gives an impression of complex meshes even in VR.
-Re-lighten feature that simulates night street-light for buildings (without need to use costly lights)
-LOD system that automatically optimizes object details based on distance from camera.
-Various object arrays systems that help you put arrays of objects on building sides. -Rooftop system -In a future, I also plan to release Building Styles Packs, like Sci-Fi city, ’20’s New York, Italian city, Cartoon City, Apocalyptic City, Soviet City. First version includes a pack called Megacity, capable of generating thousands of different materials with a single shader.
-CDK (content developement Kit) for artists that want to make their own CScape Styles (and eventually sell them on assetstore).
-CScape works on desktop platforms
-Cscape was tested on modern phone and tablet devices. It requires OpenGLES 3 or Metal.
-Compatible with WEBGL 3.0
-CScape is highly optimized for VR on Desktop and mobile systems.


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