EasyRoads3D Pro v3 3.0.1 unity3d asset Unity编辑器下载 iOS开发 

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EasyRoads3D Pro v3 3.0.1 unity3d asset Unity编辑器下载 iOS开发


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EasyRoads3D Pro v3

EasyRoads3D Pro v3

Road infrastructures and Parametric Modeling inside Unity

Create unique road networks directly in Unity with built-in and mesh based crossings based on your own models.

Bring your scenes alive with additional side objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, tree lines or any other type of geometry following a path.

EasyRoads3D v3 includes various tools to create other infrastructures such as railroads and rivers with the riverbed carved in the terrain.


- Winding roads or dirt paths in scenic environments and complex city road networks.
- Built-in customizable crossings
- Custom crossings - import your own crossing models
- Side Objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, etc.
- Custom shapes for other infrastructures like railroads and rivers
- Terrains conformed to the road shape
- Road data import for real world visualization (OSM/KML)
- Scripting API: road creation through code both in the Unity editor as at runtime

Visit our website for a full feature list.

The demo project with tutorials and additional assets can be downloaded here and will be a free upgrade with an EasyRoads3D Pro license.


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