PlayerPrefs Elite v1.5.1 unity3d asset Unitypackage插件 unity编辑器 

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PlayerPrefs Elite v1.5.1 unity3d asset Unitypackage插件 unity编辑器

PlayerPrefs Elite

PlayerPrefs Elite

*** Sale 60% off! *** Speed up your development process with PlayerPrefs Elite!
Protect your game from cheating and modification for items, levels, highscores or something else. No need to code for view states, edit or delete your Player Prefs values in real time through PlayerPrefs Elite visual editor.

Very easy to use. Anti-cheat solution for all platforms.

Youtube video:
Setup scene | Anti-cheat in game test

PlayerPrefs Elite has an built-in Secure Keys Manager that keeps your secure keys in the scene and Visual PlayerPrefs Editor: a simple and user friendly tool for editing, saving, deleting and converting player preferences in Play or Edit mode in real time, using Unity Editor.

PlayerPrefs Elite is a lean, fast and elegant player preferences anti-hack protection, editing and visualising tool for Unity Editor on Mac OS X and Windows with an easy learning curve.

Hopefully you'll find it easy enough to use and learn (even if you're new to Unity), simple and uncluttered enough not to be annoying, quick and efficient enough to be a pleasure to use, and powerful enough to impress you!

? Protect PlayerPrefs data from cheating and modifications
? Detect modified values on the fly
? Realtime PlayerPrefs visual editor
? Secure Keys Manager
? Unlimited secure keys
? Store arrays in PlayerPrefs (Builtin arrays, ArrayList, Array)
? Store vectors in PlayerPrefs (Vector2, Vector3, Vector4)
? Store boolean in PlayerPrefs
? Encryption and decryption features
? Supports Unity & Unity Pro (works with Unity 3, 4 & Unity 5!)
? Complete User Guide with script examples
? Support Linux Unity Editor

? iOS
? Android
? Windows
? Mac OS X
? Windows Phone 8
? Windows Store (Metro)
? BlackBerry
? Unity Web Player
? Linux


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