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Archery Motion Pack 0.86 unity3d asset Unity编辑器 Unity插件论坛

Archery Motion Pack

Archery Motion Pack

Requires: Motion Controller
Requires: Mixamo's free Pro Longbow Pack

Add AAA quality archery to your game!

The Archery Motion Pack is an add-on to the Motion Controller and enables plug-and-play archery for your player character. The Archery Motion Pack is way more than just a set of animations. It handles movement, targeting, and shooting with advanced features like body and bone IK, custom arrows, and tons of properties for you to play with.

This is the perfect pack to use out-of-the box or to learn from as it includes detailed documentation, well structured and commented code, and ootii's awesome support.

As with all my assets, the Archery Motion Pack is incredibly modular. This allows you to not only create custom bows, but you can use other inventory solutions, camera solutions, or attribute solutions.

* 2 movement styles
* 2 shooting styles
* Overdraw ability
* Customizable/replaceable bow
* Customizable/replaceable arrow
* Physics based flight
* Physics based collisions
* Body IK for realism
* Bow IK for realism
* Basic attribute system
* Basic inventory system
* Basic actor response system
* Quick setup
* Modular design
* C# code included
* Awesome support

User's Guide
Web Demo (strafing)
Forum Thread


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