Sinuous Sci-Fi Signs 1.5 unity3d asset Unity论坛 Unity3d教程 

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Sinuous Sci-Fi Signs 1.5 unity3d asset Unity论坛 Unity3d教程

Sinuous Sci-Fi Signs

Sinuous Sci-Fi Signs

Version 1.5 Now Includes the "Sinuous Hologram Shader" and an all-new Image Effect script for scene Cameras.

The perfect science fiction shader for futuristic signs in a corridor, screens on a ship interface, billboards in a city-scape, or anything else you can find to use it for! With a bevy of customization options, SSFS is flexible enough to allow you to create the effect you need for your scene. The transition animation and shader idle effect help make this asset a beautiful addition to any science fiction theme.

Simple drag and drop requirements make this asset super easy to install and start using. The number of options this shader offers right out of the package is uncontested and the cinematic quality will make your scene pop!

This package features a super fast "Uber" shader organized into several cginc files that allow it to scale to fit any performance needs.

An HDR bloom solution is recommended to compliment this shader, however it is not required by any means. An HDR bloom solution can be seen being used in some of the screenshots and the videos here.


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