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OpenCV for Unity 2.2.6 unity3d asset Unity3d shader下载 Unity官网

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OpenCV for Unity

OpenCV for Unity

Works with Unity Cloud Build

iOS & Android support
Windows10 UWP support
WebGL support
Win & Mac & Linux Standalone support
Preview support in the Editor

OpenCV for Unity is an Assets Plugin for using OpenCV 3.3.1 from within Unity.

Official Site | ExampleCode | Android Demo WebGL Demo | Tutorial & Demo Video | Forum | API Reference | Support Modules

- Since this package is a clone of OpenCV Java, you are able to use the same API as OpenCV Java 3.3.1 (link).

- You can image processing in real-time by using the WebCamTexture capabilities of Unity. (real-time face detection works smoothly on iPhone 5)

- Provides a method to interconversion of Unity's Texture2D and OpenCV's Mat.

- IDisposable is implemented in many classes.You can manage the resources with the “using” statement.

- PlayMakerActions for OpenCVforUnity is available.

ExampleCode using OpenCV for Unity is available.
MarkerBased AR Example
MarkerLess AR Example
FaceTracker Example
FaceSwapper Example
FaceMask Example
RealTime FaceRecognition Example
GoogleVR with OpenCV for Unity Example
Vuforia with OpenCV for Unity Example
Kinect with OpenCV for Unity Example
AVPro with OpenCV for Unity Example
HoloLens with OpenCV for Unity Example

System Requirements
Build Win Standalone & Preview Editor : Windows 7 or later
Build Mac Standalone & Preview Editor : OSX 10.8 or later


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