Third Person Motion Controller 2.71 unity3d asset Unity插件 iOS开发 

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Third Person Motion Controller 2.71 unity3d asset Unity插件 iOS开发

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Third Person Motion Controller

Third Person Motion Controller

The perfect AAA quality character controller for your humans and non-humans!

The Motion Controller is an animation framework and character controller for any character and any game.

Unlike other third person humanoid controllers on the Asset Store, the Motion Controller is a flexible component-based framework that can support any type of character. It includes motions for humans, but by creating custom motions, you could control anything from bugs to cats and aliens to race cars. It was built from the ground up to be extensible and allows you to create your own motions, add your own animations, and even share motions with others.

Out of the box, the Motion Controller includes the Actor Controller; an advanced character controller that supports gravity, moving platforms, custom character shapes, and walking on walls. It also includes lots of prebuilt motions that you can use for your humanoid characters, allowing them to run, jump, climb obstacles, scale walls, and more...

Components Include:
* Actor Controller
* Motion Controller
* Multiple Cameras
* Debug Logger
* Object Pool
* Profiler

* Walk on walls, ceilings, etc.
* Move and rotate with platforms
* 3 Different walk/run styles
* 3 Different basic cameras
* Customizable fall, jumps, climbs, etc.
* Customizable gravity, grounding, etc.
* Add custom animations without code
* Create and add custom motions
* Support for Nav Meshes
* Support for any input solution
* Support for PCs and NPCs
* Support for prefabs
* User friendly UI
* Set up humanoids in seconds
* Support for Windows Xbox controller
* C# Code included

MC Quick Start and User Guide
MC Quick Start Video
MC YouTube list
AC Quick Start and User Guide
Motion Builder's Guide
Motion Builder's Video
Forum Thread

Web Demos:
Adventure Style Demo
MMO Style Demo
Shooter Style Demo

Once the scene loads, left-click in the scene to lock the mouse to it. Press 'esc' to unlock the mouse.

Models and animation from Unity's assets.

Note: MC v2 has change a lot from MC v1 and supports Unity 5 specific features. As such, please uninstall MC v1 before importing MC v2. Unfortunately, you will have to re-setup your MC v1 characters.


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