Snake VS Block Template 1.4 unity3d asset Unitypackage插件 iOS开发 

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Snake VS Block Template 1.4 unity3d asset Unitypackage插件 iOS开发

要求Unity 5.6.1 或更高版本。
Snake VS Block is the actual trendy game on the AppStore!

The goal here is to collect as much food as you can to make your snake grow, while you are exploding the blocks toat are blocking your way. Each time you hit a block, you lose a part of your snake.

Going as far as possible is the main goal here !

So don’t miss your chance, watch the presentation video, and if you like it, feeel free to test the APK and purchase the game !


Snake VS Block game comes with a full documentation on how to setup and reskin the game.

However, if you still need some help, feel free to ask in the comments section =D.


Snake VS Block comes with some awesome features:

?Tweak the values as you wish to make the best gameplay
?AdMob already integrated
?Simple UI & Awesome UX, pretty addictive

If you need more features, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and I will answer you asap =D.


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