Moveen 0.8 unity3d asset unity3d shader下载 Unity3d教程 

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Moveen 0.8 unity3d asset unity3d shader下载 Unity3d教程
Moveen 0.82版下载链接



Moveen is a library for automatic animation - it adds common cinematic grade animations to any model.

With virtually no effort you get the whole range of common animations for your model - walk, run, strafe, jib, jump, recoil, hit, ragdolled death. Even more - all animations are calculated at runtime so model gets seamless transitions between states and natural reaction to the external influences. And its legs never slide again. You just connect the bones of your rigged model, and it comes alive.


? walking animations
?   animation of body, legs, and hip (optionally)
?   walk, run, strafe, jib, jump, recoil, hit
?   custom gaits (like "wounded")
? runtime reaction to recoil and external force
? seamless transition between states
? runtime leg placement
?   any surface relief
?   no sliding
? skeleton layouts
?   bipeds and multipeds
?   with or without hip
?   prototype geometry generator
? many parameters for gait tuning
? ragdolled death
?   ragdoll generator
? elements for custom limbs creation
? rich gun control

? main animation engine
? many default limb structures
? gun systems
?   direction control, aiming, animation recoil, physical recoil, effect starters
? 25 prefabs for mech prototyping
? 11 sounds for mech prototyping
? elements for custom limbs creation
?   (all elements are interconnectable and can be composed right in unity without scripting)
?   many predefined limbs
?   elbows
?   hydraulics
?   chopsticks
?   bezier mesh/bones
? template models and layouts scene
? limb types example scene
? Sound Pool 3D
? example scene: top-down physical shooter with big mechs
? example scene: top-down/from behind arcade shooter
? performance testing scene

? mix with animation (code is here, but I need to figure out API)
? wheels
? hands
? gameplay example scenes: sit in the mech, strategy, 2D
? runtime skeleton modification
? more tutorial and example scenes
? more joint primitives, rotating gun scene
? more docs
? (even) more cinematic stepper version
? less precise stepper version (for performance)

? Discord chat
? Tutorials
? Forum
? Project page
? Facebook
? My twitter
? Author profile
? Slava Z' model (used in some videos)
? Slava Z' model (used in some videos)


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