Obi Softbody 4.1 高性能软体网格模拟器 

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Obi Softbody 4.1

Obi Softbody 4.1

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Obi Softbody 4.1 高性能软体网格模拟器

Obi Softbody 4.1 高性能软体网格模拟器

Obi Softbody

Obi Softbody


Requires Unity 2018.1.0 or higher.
Obi Softbody is a high-quality, high-performance soft body simulator based on cutting-edge technology. Simulate complex softbody meshes composed of thousands of polygons, complete with collisions, self-collisions and rigid body interaction.Obi软件体是一种基于尖端技术的高质量、高性能的软件体模拟器。模拟由数千个多边形组成的复杂的柔体网格,包括碰撞、自碰撞和刚体交互
Softbodies are physically represented by a set of ellipsoidal particles held together by shape-matching constraints. This way, they can deform both elastically (restoring their rest shape) or plastically (absorbing some of the deformation into their rest shape).
Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.柔体在物理上由一组由形状匹配约束结合在一起的椭球体粒子表示。这样,它们可以弹性变形(恢复静止形状)或塑性变形(将部分变形吸收到静止形状中
- Advanced oriented-particle XPBD solver.
- One-click softbody generation.
- Turn entire objects into softbodies, as well as specific parts of characters.
- Unconditionally stable: the simulation will never blow up.
- Two-way rigid body interaction: softbodies will react to rigidbodies and vice-versa.
- Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your softbody needs.
- Per module adjustable solver iteration count.
- Works with all kinds of meshes, even non-manifold ones. - Any part of a softbody can be attached to any collider/rigidbody, using rotating as well as fixed orientation links.
- Self and inter-collisions: softbodies can collide with themselves and other softbodies. - In-editor simulation preview.
- Automatic camera culling: non-visible softbodies won't consume resources.
- Easily extensible and modular architecture.


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