Crest--An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D 

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插件名称:Crest--An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D插件官网:访问官网
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Crest--An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D  在Unity3D中实现的高级海洋系统

Crest--An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D

Crest--An advanced ocean system implemented in Unity3D
Crest is a technically advanced ocean renderer implemented in Unity3D 2018.3 and later. This version targets the built-in render pipeline, a link to the LWRP version on the Asset Store is below.
Unity version:
Releases specify which version of Unity they were developed on.
The master branch generally moves forward with Unity releases to take advantage of improvements. It's rare that we take a hard dependency on a new feature in the core Crest code, so it is usually possible to stand Crest up in earlier versions of Unity.
One exception to the previous point is the async readback API used to read collisions and flow data back to the CPU. This code will need to be manually disabled on pre-2018 versions.
Another exception is prefabs which are used sparingly in Crest and generally do not change much between releases, but are moved forward with Unity versions and are have limited backwards compatibility.
Crest example content:
The content requires a layer named Terrain which should be added to your project.
The post processing package is used (for aesthetic reasons), if this is not present in your project you will see an unassigned script warning which you can fix by removing the offending script.
.NET 4.x runtime
Direct X11 or Vulkan, other platforms targeting shader compilation target 4.5 or above may work but we cannot provide support for, or test on, other APIs ourselves.
Releases are published semi-regularly and posted on the Releases page. Unity packages are uploaded with each release. Since development stability has historically been good, an option would be to grab the latest version from the master branch instead of waiting for releases. Be aware though that we actively refactor/cleanup/change the code to pay technical debt and fight complexity so integrations may require some fixup.

Crest exercises semantic versioning and follows the branching strategy outlined here, although there is no develop branch used yet - development occurs on feature branches that are merged directly into master.

There are a few issues worth calling out here:
Crest does not yet support HDRP. If you would find such support useful, please feel free to comment in issue #201.
Azure[Sky] requires some code to be added to the ocean shader for the fogging/scattering to work. This is a requirement of this product and apparently comes with instructions for what needs to be added. See issue #62.
Issue with LWRP and VR - refraction appears broken due to what seems to be a bug in LWRP. See issue #206.
Unity 2018.3 introduced significant changes to prefabs. We don't make extensive use of prefabs, but there are some for boats and others, and these may not work in earlier versions. These will need to be recreated manually.


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