Obi Cloth 4.1 服饰布料模拟器 

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Obi Cloth 4.1

Obi Cloth 4.1

Obi Cloth 4.1
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Requires Unity 2018.1.0 or higher.
For the time being, ObiCloth is only compatible with Unity 2018.x. We're working on 2019.x compatibility.
Obi is an advanced cloth simulator for Unity that uses particle physics to deliver high-quality, flexible and easy to use cloth simulation.
Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

- Support for skinned meshes: unified solution for character clothing and regular cloth.
- Two-way rigid body interaction.
- Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your cloth needs.
- Per module adjustable solver iteration count.
- Cloth proxies: drive high resolution meshes using low-res simulations. Works with skinned meshes too! - Softbody physics trough volume constraints.
- Independent stretch and bend constraints.
- Cloth is attachable to rigid bodies.
- Cloth can collide with itself and other cloth pieces.
- Physically based aerodynamics model.
- In-editor simulation preview.
- Easy-to-use integrated editor tools: selection, brush selection, paintbrush, smoothing, property loading from textures...don´t ever leave Unity when authoring cloth.
- Simulation state can get serialized -> save your prefabs mid-simulation->instantiate them already warm-started.
- Supports all standard Unity colliders.
- Two-sided shader (based on the Standard shader) with correct lighting on backfaces.
- Automatic camera culling.
- Easily extensible and modular architecture.


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