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Easy Mobile Pro 2.2.4

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Requires Unity 5.5.5 or higher.
With version 2.2.0, we introduce the hugely awaited feature: multiplayer!
This makes Easy Mobile Pro the first Unity plugin ever to offer a truly cross-platform API for Turn-Based and Real-Time multiplayer on iOS and Android - one that not only combines, but actually unifies the native APIs to create a single API and a single workflow for developing multiplayer games that work for both iOS and Android!
Now you can harness the free multiplayer services offered by Game Center and Google Play Games services to take your mobile game to the next level! 这使得Easy Mobile Pro成为有史以来第一个为iOS和Android上基于回合的实时多人游戏提供真正的跨平台API的Unity插件,它不仅结合了本地API,而且实际上结合了本地API,创建了一个单一的API和一个用于开发iOS和Android多人游戏的单一工作流


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