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Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.3 APP分享内购广告等快速开发插件

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.3

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.3 Easy Mobile系列索引:

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Requires Unity 5.5.5 or higher.
With version 2.2.0, we introduce the hugely awaited feature: multiplayer!
This makes Easy Mobile Pro the first Unity plugin ever to offer a truly cross-platform API for Turn-Based and Real-Time multiplayer on iOS and Android - one that not only combines, but actually unifies the native APIs to create a single API and a single workflow for developing multiplayer games that work for both iOS and Android!
Now you can harness the free multiplayer services offered by Game Center and Google Play Games services to take your mobile game to the next level!
Easy Mobile is a many-in-one package that greatly simplifies the implementation of standard features on every mobile game such as advertising, in-app purchasing, game services, notifications, sharing, etc. It takes care of these "necessary evils" so you can focus your time on doing the most important thing in game development: creating fun!

This is the Pro version of Easy Mobile. Other version: EM Basic
* See the feature comparison image for differences between EM Pro and EM Basic.

? Cross-platform: intuitive, cross-platform API that can accomplish most tasks with a single line of code.
? Friendly Editor: beautiful & easy-to-use editor for controlling everything from one place.
? Automation: automating chores such as service initialization and ad loading.
? Modular Design: use only what are needed and not be worried about redundancies or contradictions with existing code.
? Leveraging Official SDKs: to form a coherent system that maximizes usability and reliability - without reinventing the wheel!

Demo APK | Join our Beta testing campaign to test IAP without being charged

This plugin is currently packed with the following modules ([Pro] features are only available on this version):

? Advertising
- AdColony, AdMob, Chartboost, Facebook Audience Network, Heyzap (Fyber), ironSource, MoPub, Tapjoy & Unity Ads support.
- One unified API for all ad networks.
- Automatic ad loading.
- Banner, interstitial and rewarded ads.
- Multiple ad placements.
- User consent support (GDPR compliant).

? Game Services
- Game Center (iOS) and Google Play Game Services (Android) support.
- Leverages Google Play Games plugin for Unity.
- Leaderboards & Achievements.
- [Pro] Saved Games (using iCloud & Google Drive).
- [Pro] Turn-Based Multiplayer.
- [Pro] Real-Time Multiplayer.

- Low-overhead screen recorder.
- Built-in players for recorded clip playback.
- Mobile-friendly GIF encoder.
- Giphy upload API for sharing GIF to social networks.
-> Demo: GIF Image 1 | GIF Image 2 | Testing Clip

? In-App Purchasing
- Leverages Unity In-App Purchasing service.
- Multiple stores supported: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, etc.
- Consumable, non-consumable & subscription products.
- Auto initialization.
- Custom editor for easy management of product catalog.
- Local receipt validation.
- Apple's Ask-To-Buy.
- Apple's Promotional Purchases.

? Native APIs
- UI: mobile native UI elements (alerts, toasts).
- [Pro] Camera & Gallery (coming early 2019).
- [Pro] Contacts (coming early 2019).

? Notifications
- Fully-customizable local notifications.
- Android 8.0 notification channels & channel groups support.
- Push notifications: OneSignal and Firebase Cloud Messaging support.
- User consent support (GDPR compliant).

? Privacy
- Tools and resources to help with getting GDPR-compliant.
- Native consent dialog that provides a common consent collecting interface for all relevant services.
- Built-in flexible consent management system.
- Location detector to check if the current device is in the European Economic Area region (affected by GDPR).

? Sharing
- Shares texts, URLs and images using the mobile native sharing functionality.

? Utilities
- Store Review: an effective way to ask for app rating using the system-provided rating prompt on iOS and a highly customizable native popup on Android.

? APIs:
- C# language.
- [Pro] Visual Scripting (Playmaker support with over 100 actions).

- Easy Mobile supports two major mobile platforms: iOS and Android.
- Easy Mobile works with any Unity project targeting iOS and Android, not just SgLib Games' templates.
- Full C# source code is included.


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