Food 3D Models for Unity Collection食物水果蛋糕甜点食品模型 

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Food 3D Models for Unity Collection 各类食品59种如甜饼、松饼、蛋糕、水果和零食等

Food 3D Models for Unity Collection

Food 3D Models for Unity Collection unity_food_6box.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_29-708x708.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_14-1024x1024.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_05-708x708.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_04-708x708.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_03-708x708.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_02-708x708.jpg cgaxis_models_unity_food_01-708x708.jpg
Collection of 59 various food products. Scanned from real products and optimized (below 2k polygons). In it you will find bakery products such as sweetrolls, muffins, cakes, fruits and snacks. This collection is compatible with Unity 3D Engine 5.6.2 or higher and have models prepared as prefabs with materials and textures.
Open your Unity project
Go to the ‘Assets’ > ‘Import Package’ > ‘Custom Package…’
Open ‘CGAxisFoodCollection.unitypackage’ and wait for it to load
Select all items and click ‘Import’
Go to the ‘Food Collection Prefabs’ and drag the prefabs into your scene


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